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Educating & Empowering

the WHOLE Child

Spirit, Soul & Body


Our aim is not to make children understand, and still less to force them to memorize, but to touch their imagination as to enthuse them to their innermost core.


Maria Montessori


It has been the vision of our MCMA Executive Board of Directors to utilize parents to act as liaisons and representatives for our school to support our mission. There are areas of focus that allow parents to bring a very unique perspective to the table. Parents may also act as ambassadors for our school, by spreading news and support to help with enrollment growth.


To launch this new branch of our Executive Board of Directors, we have established the MCMA Parent Advisory Board. In this capacity, those members are tasked with presenting our executive board with project ideas or parent concerns. The Parent Advisory Board will also assist with project and event planning to benefit the growth of our school. Congratulations and welcome to our new MCMA Parent Advisory Board members:  Bensen George and Marisol McKinley.  Please reach out to those parents with concerns that may be brought to the executive board.


Please note that the main entrances to the front parking lot are now marked with directional arrows. All cars should enter at the east drive and exit at the west drive. Please maintain a slow speed when driving through our parking lots, especially cars crossing the lot and going to the back for drop-off or pick-up. There is always the possibility that children may be outside or other cars attempting to exit.


JUNE 6 TO JULY 29, 2022


MCMA has a great summer program with educational and fun, enriching activities such as crafts, gardening and exploring the outdoors. Students will have the opportunity to maintain and/or strengthen their academic level in a focused, small group. Enrollment weeks may be chosen individually in order to accommodate family vacation plans.


Summer school will be available for all levels, provided there is minimal enrollment.* Please see the form to enroll and take advantage of this great opportunity to continue your child’s educational process and keep them academically and socially engaged during the summer.


In continued observance of our health/safety guidelines:


  • Number of students per class will be limited.

  • Face masks are optional indoors

  • Increased personal hygiene will be monitored and enforced

  • Personal physical distancing will be reinforced  

  • Frequent and thorough cleaning practices will be observed

To reserve your child’s space, please complete the Summer Enrollment form and return it by April 14th. 


* Minimum enrollment requirements will determine the hiring of staff.