Mission Statement

To empower children:

  • To grow in their understanding of the Christian faith

  • To strive for academic excellence through the Montessori Method

  • To reach out and serve the community as Christ has called us to do


Midwest Christian Montessori Academy is a school serving children in Preschool, Kindergarten, and 1st through 6th Elementary. Our goal is to provide a Christian environment coupled with the Montessori philosophy of learning allowing for the spiritual, educational, physical and developmental growth of our students.

Midwest Christian Montessori Academy is a not-for-profit, board-run school bringing over 20 years of experience. We are registered as a private school with the Illinois State Board of Education and meet all state and local regulations. MCMA is nondenominational, with our staff and students coming from a variety of different Christian churches in the area


Our school offers a unique combination of a Christian education partnered with the Montessori philosophy and process of learning. As Christian teachers, we strive to give the children a firm foundation in the Bible, familiarizing them with God’s word through scripture memorization, stories, songs, signing and drama. We do not teach any particular denominational doctrine but rather foundational Christian essentials interwoven into the fabric of the children’s daily experience.

As Montessori teachers we strive to give the children a firm academic foundation. The Montessori philosophy of education, which was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori in the early 1900’s, is based on the theory that the young child’s mind is like a sponge absorbing and learning from the surrounding environment. This approach builds upon the fact that the years from 3 to 6 are foundational years of learning. Children of all ages learn best through individual, hands-on learning experiences in an environment where they are free to learn and develop at their own pace. This promotes a love of learning and establishes a platform for further study of language, math, and the sciences in the elementary years.

Montessori students develop a sense of inner discipline and order enabling them to become independent learners. They learn respect for their environment, the materials and each other. The students in each classroom experience freedom within the structure of well understood guidelines, maintaining a peaceful learning environment. Children develop an understanding of what is morally and socially acceptable, based on Christian values, and learn to make wise choices.


The Montessori curriculum revolves around a three year cycle. Classrooms are grouped in the following communities:

  • Preschool /Kindergarten - 3 to 6 year olds

  • Lower Elementary - 6 to 9 year olds

  • Upper Elementary - 9 to 12 year olds

While younger students learn skills at their own level, they also absorb other aspects of the classroom. Older children further develop their leadership skills while mastering their academics. The children have equal opportunities for independent study as well as shared lessons and activities.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call or schedule an appointment to visit our school. We encourage you to visit with your child so you may both have the opportunity to see our classes in progress and decide whether you would like to be a part of Midwest Christian Montessori Academy.