Preschool and Kindergarten  |  8:30am – 8:40am

Elementary Classes  |  8:30am – 8:40am


Classes begin promptly at 8:45am.  A staff member will be on duty to greet children at the front door from 8:30am to 8:40am. Please be punctual; late arrivals disturb our class and are strongly discouraged.


The goal, in order to foster independence, is for each student to walk to their class on their own.

Parents are encouraged to say goodbye to their children at the outside doors or the inside doors to our wing.  Parents of new students who feel the need to walk their child to class in the first week of school, may do so, providing the hall is vacated by 8:45am. 


If arriving after 8:40am, please park your car in the lot and escort your child to the office.  Parking in the semi-circle drive is prohibited and may result in a ticket administered by the Bolingbrook Police Department. The semi-circle drive is a designated fire lane. To ensure your child’s safety, ALL students arriving after 8:40am must be accompanied into the building by an adult and checked in with the office staff.


Students arriving for before-school care enter the school through the east doors that are located at the end of our wing, near the playground until 8:30am, when the doors will be locked. If arriving after that time, enter through the front doors.  Students arriving in their classroom after 8:45 will be marked tardy in their school file and a parent or guardian will need to bring them to the school office to sign them in before they enter their classroom.



Our school’s hallway doors are locked at 8:45.  Late arrivals require a parent or guardian to escort the child to the office and sign the tardy list. Your child may then enter their classroom quietly.


After three (3) late arrivals a conference with parents will be requested. After 5 late arrivals your account may be charged $20.00 for each incident thereafter. Repeated tardiness not only adversely affects your child’s day, but also causes them to miss early morning presentations, ‘specials’, and also disturbs the class.  Repeated tardiness may affect performance and preparedness for the next school level.



Preschool                                            12:00pm

Kindergarten                                       3:30pm

Elementary Classes                            3:30pm

After class dismissal, students will be brought to the front door for release to their parents. Please wait outside to greet them. Parents/guardians may wait in their cars in the semi-circle drive, provided they stay with the car. If you have children in the car, park in the east lot and wait near your car until the teacher recognizes you. If you wish to come inside the building, please park in the lot. If you are late, please check in with the office to pick up your child until 3:45; after that time they need to be released from the east entrance.   Students from Preschool who are going home with their Elementary siblings will be released together at the front door.  Students staying for extended childcare after 3:30pm may be signed out with the attendant at the east (playground) entrance.



Early Dismissal


Please notify your child’s teacher and the school office upon arrival in the morning if your child must leave class early for medical appointments or other unavoidable circumstances.  Students will be waiting in the office to be signed out by a parent/guardian.  Repeated early dismissals are disruptive to your child’s classroom routine, so it is suggested that when possible, appointments be scheduled after school.





Please call the school by 8:00am if your child will not be in school due to illness.  In case of communicable diseases, please notify the office immediately.  Please note:  tuition will not be adjusted for general absences.  In the event of a long-term illness, a tuition adjustment may be made at the discretion of the school’s Board of Directors.





Removing students from class during the regular school schedule for vacation is strongly discouraged. The Montessori Method requires “hands-on” work and class participation.   It can be very difficult for a child to complete the necessary work to prepare for the next grade level if they take vacation while classes are in session. Please see the school website for scheduled closings and the best days to schedule your family time events. We appreciate your cooperation in helping your child achieve success in school. 





In the interest of the health and well-being of all our students, CHILDREN CANNOT BE ALLOWED IN SCHOOL WITH ANY COMMUNICABLE ILLNESS OR DISEASE.  A child should be free of fever for 24 hours without the aid of pain relievers before returning to school.  After an absence of five (5) consecutive days due to illness, a doctor’s release is required for continued attendance.

If a student becomes ill during the course of the school day, a parent will be contacted first.  If a parent is not able to pick up your child immediately, a local emergency pick-up person will be called from the list in your child’s file. Please remember to update your emergency contact information whenever it changes.



Dispensing of Medicine


Medicines, either prescription or over-the-counter, must be delivered to the teacher or the office by a parent or guardian, along with a signed release form.  All prescription medicines must be labeled by the pharmacy with your child’s name and dosage instructions.  Over-the-counter medicines must be in the manufacturer’s labeled container. 



Weather Related Closings


Our school closings will be listed on the website: www.emergencyclosings.com.  This website  forwards the closing information to Chicago television stations. Families may register to receive email notifications from the website.


In the event unexpected, severe weather arrives or power outages occur after your child is at school, we will notify you to come retrieve your child.  EVERY CHILD MUST HAVE AN EMERGENCY PICK-UP PERSON ON FILE AUTHORIZED TO RETRIEVE THEM IN THE EVENT THAT YOU CANNOT ARRIVE PROMPTLY.  Please update the office with current e-mail addresses. When Midwest closes due to weather or related issues, we will be completely closed, with no classes or childcare. 



Release of Children


Children will be released only to those listed as “authorized pick-up persons” in student files.  Anyone who might pick up your child should be listed in his file.  If your child should NOT be released to a particular person, such as a non-custodial parent, THIS MUST BE STATED IN THE STUDENT’S FILE, ALONG WITH A COPY OF CUSTODIAL PAPERS.





We require a ten month commitment. Students should not be withdrawn before the end of the school year in May/June.  If grave circumstances require that a child must be withdrawn, we require one month’s written notice.  TUITION IS NON-REFUNDABLE.  TUITION DEPOSITS MAY ONLY BE USED TOWARD MAY TUITION.


Parents are responsible for full payment of any unpaid tuition.  Records will be released only upon written consent from the parents.

Six-Week Probation for New Students


As much as we believe that Montessori is the best educational method and is able to meet the needs of most children, there are occasions or circumstances where we may be concerned about the suitability of our program for an individual child.  In those cases, after consulting with parents, teachers and key staff, we may decide that Midwest is not able to successfully meet the needs of a particular student and we may ask the parents to withdraw their child.  A refund

of current tuition and fees may be issued at that time, providing the decision is made by Midwest during the six-week probation period.



Assessment and Evaluation


At Midwest all teachers are trained in the fundamentals of child development.  However, there are some situations when we may, in consultation with the parent, refer students for a professional evaluation.  We will be happy to direct parents/guardians to the appropriate resources for services.



Discretionary Dismissal Policy


The Montessori Method has a long successful history of educating children of various backgrounds and abilities.  As a private school, however, Midwest reserves the right to make a decision not to include a child in our program.  In the rare instance that we find a child is not thriving in our environment, or is disrupting other students’ education, we will take the following steps:


  • We will notify parents in writing of our concerns

  • We will set up a meeting with parents to determine an Individual Student Plan

  • We will schedule a follow-up meeting to assess student’s progress

  • We will make a decision at that time regarding the student’s continuance in our program

  • If it is determined that your child would be better served in another school environment, then Midwest will refund your deposit.



School Records


It is vital that we keep our records up to date at all times.  Any changes in a student’s address, phone number, emergency information, medical, or other pertinent information such as food allergies, should be presented promptly to the school office in writing.



Release of Personal Information


Personal information will only be released with a parent’s consent.  Please consult the school directory for student contact information. The directory may be helpful for planning play dates, parties and car-pooling.



Health Requirements


According to state regulations, the following physical, dental, and eye exams are required for the listed grade levels:

Health Insurance


It is recommended that families secure their own private health insurance coverage for students enrolled at MCMA. 





Personal daily snacks may be brought by the students each day, if desired.  Snacks should be ready-to-eat finger foods, stored in sealable containers.  Please make sure your child’s snack is marked with their name.  We provide bottled water, and would prefer no liquid refreshments be included in your child’s snack.  Children who stay for after-school care may bring an extra snack.





“Ready to eat” lunches for our students are to be provided by their parents each day.  We encourage a balanced lunch.  Candy and soda pop are not allowed.  We encourage children to take leftovers home so that parents can better gauge what their children will or will not eat, as well as how much.


We encourage our students to be responsible for remembering to bring their lunches to school.  In the event a lunch is forgotten, we will allow a child to call a parent to bring it to school by the scheduled lunch break.



Preschool Extended Care


Preschool students who are staying for extended care will take a rest.  We supply cots, a small pillow, and a blanket.  Bedding will be sent home weekly to be laundered.  Please remember to return these promptly.   Your child may bring ONE favorite stuffed animal, though it will be available only at naptime and must be small enough to fit in their cubby box or backpack. 


Friday Morning Worship


Every Friday morning the entire school meets at 9:15 in our Community Room for Praise and Worship.  Students are allowed, but not required to bring in small amounts of money as an offering, which will later be donated to our chosen charities.  Family members are welcome to attend.




If you have a particular question not pertinent to the given day, please give a note to your child’s teacher or leave a message with the office staff.  We will be happy to sit down and talk, or perhaps answer your question over the telephone.  Please be assured that we will address your concerns as soon as possible, but class time must be devoted to the children. 


Parent Meetings / Conferences


Preschool and Kindergarten progress reports are sent home in January and May.  Parent/teacher conferences for Preschool and Kindergarten are scheduled upon request in May. Elementary conferences are held in fall and spring, with final reports completed at the end of May.  




We strive to help the children develop an inner discipline.  We prefer that they learn and understand right from wrong and develop a desire in their hearts to choose to do what is right, regardless of what others want them to do.  We have very simple ground rules.  We expect all children to show respect for their teachers, fellow classmates, the materials, and the environment.  If basic rules are broken, teachers strive to find the reason for the difficulty and help the child understand why it was wrong and what other options there might have been.  In some cases, the child might be asked to take a “timeout” until they feel able to return and act properly.  Parents will be notified of continuous disciplinary problems.  If a child is involved in a physical altercation, parents will be called and the child may be suspended for a period of time appropriate to their age and the action.  These incidents are extremely rare in our school, but parents should be aware that we are serious about providing a safe learning environment.


Anti-Bullying Policy


MCMA believes that all students have the right to a safe and healthy school environment. As stated our Discipline Policy, we have an obligation to promote mutual respect, tolerance and acceptance. We will not tolerate behavior that infringes on the safety of any student. Intimidation, harassment or bullying of others through words or actions are not allowed.

MCMA staff is trained to immediately take steps to intervene when any act of bullying is witnessed or reported. Staff and administration will investigate all incidents and discuss the policy with students in an age-appropriate manner to assure them that bullying will not be tolerated. Any student who engages in bullying may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion. Students are expected to immediately report incidents of bullying to a staff member, teacher or director. In an effort to prevent bullying, all students are encouraged to resolve conflicts at the “Peace Table.” Students may rely on staff to intervene if a dispute cannot be resolved peacefully.


Personal Belongings


We do not allow the bringing of personal toys, as they are a distraction and may get lost or broken and our school cannot assume responsibility for them.  During the school year, children may occasionally bring “treasures” to share with the class such as a special book, photo, keepsake, etc.  These items do NOT include toys of any kind. 


Cell phones and electronic devices are not to be used in school. If a child brings a cell phone or other electronic device to school, it must remain in the backpack and be turned off during school hours.  If discovered in a child’s possession during school hours, the item will be held in the office and released to the parent at the end of the day. Necessary phone calls from students to parents during the school day may be made in the school office.




Parents are allowed to visit in classrooms; however, we ask that arrangements be made in advance with your child’s teacher in order to visit at the most appropriate time. This enables us to limit the number of visitors on any given day, and if necessary suggest a better time.  When you visit, please do so quietly and with a purpose; such as to see how your child interacts with other children, how they use their time, what kind of materials they are interested in, etc.  Unless requested by the teacher, we do not recommend helping your child or others with their work. Children are generally proud to show their parents what they can accomplish on their own.

There are “Moms’ and Dads’ Nights scheduled later in the school year when children may share their work with their parents.




We always appreciate any help offered by parents.  Please ask your child’s teacher for what may be needed in their classroom.  Whether you donate an hour to listen to children read or a day to do repair work and paint, we are very grateful.  This is your child’s school.  We are all here to do God’s work and to provide a good environment and pleasant learning experiences for your children.  Volunteers need to sign in and out and wear a visitor’s badge, which are available in the office. Our insurance requires that we keep a copy of all volunteers’ drivers’ licenses in our files. 


Student Attire


Please keep in mind that we are a Christian school and we encourage children to dress modestly.  The indoor temperature can be very unpredictable, so we suggest your children dress in layers which may be removed in case the classroom is too warm.


Preschool and Kindergarten Attire


  • Children should be encouraged to pick out their own clothing and dress themselves.

  • Comfortable clothing, which allows freedom of movement, and non-marking, rubber-soled indoor shoes are suggested.

  • Children are encouraged to be as independent as possible. Clothing should be easy to get on and off.  Elastic waistbands are ideal unless your child is proficient with zippers, snaps, buttons, and buckles.

  • Good clothing that cannot get dirty or spotted by paint, etc., should NOT be worn.  We want the children to be free to explore activities without the fear of ruining their clothing.

  • Please note that our policy does not allow clothing, backpacks, lunchboxes, etc. which depict characters and words that may be offensive to others.


Elementary Attire


  • Comfortable clothing, which allows freedom of movement, and non-marking rubber-soled indoor shoes are encouraged.

  • Short skirts are inappropriate since much work is done on the floor.

  • Clothing with pictures depicting violence, or anything that may be offensive to others is not allowed.

  • Elementary students will require a separate pair of gym shoes that remain here at the school for P.E.


Winter Attire


We go outside all winter for recess, providing it is not extremely cold.  All children must have hats, mittens, scarves, boots, and snow pants. During snowy weather, students without boots and snow pants will be restricted to playing on the blacktop. Non-marking, rubber-soled indoor shoes or slippers are needed for when they take their boots off.  Please – NO BIG, FURRY SLIPPERS OR SLIPPER SOCKS.  Please make sure EVERYTHING is labeled with your child’s name, as the school cannot be responsible for lost clothing.




Our staff level does not allow for supervision of students remaining inside due to illness.  If your child is not well enough to go outside for a short recess, they should probably not be in attendance that day. Please stress with your child the wearing of appropriate weather-related clothing.




We enjoy celebrating children’s birthdays, but “parties” (birthday décor, balloons, candles, goodie bags, etc.) are not appropriate in school. We encourage you to send pictures showing your child from birth to present so he can present a history of his/her life and the class can experience with your child the passage of time.


The children appreciate treats. Some favorites are popsicles, ice cream, fruit, cheese, cookies, muffins, and popcorn. Please check with the school office regarding food allergy issues. In particular, nuts/related items are not allowed.  Sometimes, children donate gifts to the classroom on their birthdays…a small plant, book, wooden puzzle, etc., are a few of the items that would bless our classrooms.  You may check with your child’s teacher for helpful suggestions.  A gift may be brought wrapped so that your child may unwrap it and present it to the class in honor of their birthday.  The birthday children really love to share this experience with their friends.


Please do not send party invitations to school.  The school directory may be used for mailing purposes.



It is imperative that tuition be paid on time to allow the school sufficient operating funds.  Tuition will not be adjusted for absences, family vacations, school holidays, or closings.  In the event of a long-term illness, tuition may be adjusted at the discretion of the school Board of Directors.


Non-sufficient Funds / Returned Checks 


Accounts with checks returned to MCMA for non-sufficient funds or any other reason will be charged a $30.00 fee.  Those accounts must be settled with the Business Office within ten (10) business days of notification.  The account will be flagged with the date of the returned check.  If two (2) checks are returned within a twelve (12) month period, future payments must be in the form of cash, credit card, certified cashier’s check or money order.  This will be in effect for one year from the date of the last flagged non-sufficient funds/returned check.


Late Fees


All tuition payments must be made in a timely manner.  Monthly payments are due on the first of each month. Payment plans may be discussed with the Business Office.


  • Any payment ten (10) days in arrears will be assessed a late charge of $5.00 on any amount up to $100.00 and 5% of any amount over $100.00

  • Any payment thirty (30) days in arrears may result in your child being excluded from classes until your account is current.


Frequent late payments will require a meeting with the Business Office and may result in removal of your child from Midwest.


Childcare Overtime Charges


  • Unscheduled overtime will be charged at $6.50 per hour, billed to the nearest half hour.

  • Unscheduled childcare includes students not picked up by 15 minutes after dismissal.

  • Unused contracted hours will not be credited.

  • Statements with accrued childcare will be issued monthly.