MCMA is a remarkable school...

I am deeply grateful for the ways MCMA has supported our family, educated our children, and nurtured their faith. MCMA is a remarkable school, where we found excellent education and a beautiful community. We found the teachers to be incredibly responsive to the learning and emotional needs of each of our individual children, and they both flourished there. Their time at MCMA set a firm foundation for my children's love of learning, and they both left the school with significantly above-average understandings of not only math and reading, but also nature, music, social skills, and practical independence. The integration of Christian faith into every piece of the curriculum left both my kids with a deep passion for their relationship with Jesus, which continues to bear fruit long after we ended our time at MCMA. I strongly recommend Midwest Christian Montessori Academy. It is a true gem; a gift to the community.

I love the hands-on approach...

We have really loved MCMA. Mrs. Kelly and Ms. Simone are such great teachers. I love the hands-on approach that Neriah has had in learning. She loves learning through play. I love that Neriah has learned about God and had worship each Friday.

Truly a complete well rounded education...

My boys have gone here for preschool and they both had an excellent experience. I have been recommending this place to family and friends. They are going to summer camp and are having a fantastic time with hands on experiments and captivating topics of interest. Truly a complete well rounded education. We also LOVE the staff!

They love it here...

My grand kids attend this school it is a great school. they love it here.

Love the staff...

Love the staff and I'm glad to have them feeding my daughter!

I am forever grateful for this academy...

The first 3 education years that my kids have spent with MCMA have provided a solid, very good and strong foundation for their spiritual, emotional and academic well-being.  It made a big difference to these kids that they have started with this foundation.

I am forever grateful for this academy for helping me in my children’s growth as Christian-loving individuals and with so much pride I would like to say that they would do so well in their adult life because of the strong foundation given.  

My child has completely flourished...
He is actually excited to go to school...

I was nervous of "letting go" of my 4 year old. I was debating prayerfully about homeschooling or a Christian school. I divinely met Ms. Marilyn one day in a hospital waiting room & we talked a bit. She gave me her card and we took our Angelina for a "visit" one day to see the classroom. And I have to say my child has completely flourished in the couple of weeks of attending school here.
Thank you Midwest Christian Montessori, Ms. Marilyn, & mostly God! I would highly recommend this school to anyone with children that want an nuturing, educating, & biblical upbringing.


I just enrolled my son's here. My oldest has never liked going to school. He is actually excited to go to school now. That alone has confirmed that we made the right decision.