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I am currently in my university’s top Choir, I do volunteer work for my school’s record label, I have made the Dean’s list for multiple semesters, and I have had several opportunities to sing and share the gift of music with many talented musicians, including my school’s choir, which tours a region of the US every spring break. I plan to tour to Finland, Norway, and Sweden with that choir this coming May. I plan to take a music business internship in Franklin, Tennessee for my final semester of college.

I value my Christian Montessori education for a multitude of reasons. I strongly believe that the environment at MCMA is one that is Christ-centered. It is one where the students’ strengths are honed and allowed to thrive. I always appreciated that in upper elementary, I was given a written description or list of works I was to accomplish by a given time, and that I was encouraged to go above and beyond that as long as I was doing my work thoroughly and comprehending the concepts. I did not need to worry that working to fulfill my true potential was going to interrupt a curriculum or burden an instructor. I felt that my opinions and voice were valued in my classroom. I believe it is unique and wonderful that the school encourages children to grow in communication with their peers and elders regarding the discoveries they are making in their education, by allowing talking in the classrooms. There is definitely balance for this, however, with times where the students practice focus with activities such as silent sustained reading times, and the like. The above qualities of the environment of the school have shaped who I am, in problem solving, in having more security in approaching new situations and tasks, and maintaining a desire to go the extra mile.


- Led worship in various settings at my church

- Graduated in the top 10 in of my high school class

- Was a committee chair for the National Honors Society at my high school

- Held leadership positions in both of the honors choirs in high school

- Took AP classes and earned 12 credits for college through these

- Received the Fred Waring award for using my musical talents throughout the community

- Was accepted into the Performer’s Circle in the School of Music at Anderson University

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