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I am Joy Cacayan and I am a mother of 3 wonderful children. My 2 older children Emil and Therese have attended Midwest Christian Montessori or formerly New Beginnings Christian Montessori 7 years ago. Currently, I have a 4 year old enrolled at MCMA. Both my two older kids are doing very well at the current school where they are in. My firstborn, Emil is an 8th grade student and will be graduating this year. He currently aims to be admitted in one of Illinois’ magnet school for his high school. He has joined the science fair both for regional and state and has won both gold for his project. Both Emil and Therese have been active participants in the school’s math club and have joined various academic competitions not only in math but English as well. Both of my two older children have maintained the A honor roll list since their current school started the honor list at 4th grade.

The first 3 education years that my kids have spent with MCMA have provided a solid, very good and strong foundation for their spiritual, emotional and academic well-being. It made a big difference to these kids that they have started with this foundation. MCMA has allowed them to freely develop and progress comfortably with the kindest and guidance of their teachers and I am so very grateful.

I remember very fondly, my two children coming home with their school work; the number roll for instance. That was pretty amazing how they learned how to count, write (legibly) and understand the concept of numbers up to over a thousand and even to start on the decimal system at the end of kindergarten (and I have kept all their school works for them). They have mastered reading by the time they graduated from kindergarten.

My children, without that much effort have learned about love, care and respect for our country (as they learn to recite the pledge of allegiance within the first week and they have memorized it so well) and feelings of others, understood so well that hurting another person can “hurt their feelings and will crush their spirit.” They always say sorry, please and thank you!

It is heartwarming and with a deep sense of security that I have walked my children to this school and know that they will be taught well and taken care of with great love, compassion and respect as individuals.

Every year, we look forward to watch their Christmas presentation. It is pretty amazing how they know their piece and songs so well, with even the youngest being 3 years old! And how well behaved they are!

I am forever grateful for this academy for helping me in my children’s growth as Christian-loving individuals and with so much pride I would like to say that they would do so well in their adult life because of the strong foundation given. This is the reason why after 11 years we came back to be at MCMA with our now 4 year old son, Willem who is in his 2nd year here at MCMA. It makes a big difference and I say this with pride.

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