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I am eternally grateful to my parents for sending me to Midwest Christian. From preschool to fifth grade, I was given the components necessary to build the academic and spiritual foundation that has supported me ever since.

The Montessori Method allowed me to work at an individualized pace, which is a difficult task to accomplish in a public school. At Midwest Christian, I was blessed with a great deal of one-on-one time with teachers and small-group instruction. One of my fondest memories is learning to use the checkerboard, which is a large checkered-patterned quilt used to do multiplication. Usually students were taught the checkerboard in 3rd grade, but I and a classmate learned it in 2nd grade because we were ahead in math. That is one of the great things about this school—students can move ahead or spend more time on a subject without obstacles.

Although I was academically advanced and could have moved up grade levels, I was not emotionally or socially prepared to. It was not a problem to meet my needs by doing more complex coursework. This is where training the whole child comes into play. Nothing had to be sacrificed—I could work at my own level in all areas.

My mom and dad often speak of tuition as an educational investment. The academic skills and overall attitude towards learning that I developed were well worth the payments. This type of education has fostered my love of learning throughout my life, and it is one of the main reasons that I have found such success in middle and high school.

Notable Achievements: High Honor Roll since 6th grade, 8th Grade Graduation Recipient of the President’s Education Award, ACT Composite Score: 36, on track to becoming a National Merit Finalist, National AP Scholar, class rank: 1 / 614.

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