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How Montessori helped shape who I am today:

  • Montessori is where I met one of my lifelong friends, Andrea Hill. I am very honoured to be a bridesmaid at her wedding in January. Despite the distance we have been friends for 18 years and I can’t imagine life without her. I’m hoping to move back to the USA and move in with her (don’t know how her fiancée feels about this however.)

  • When I think of my teachers I only have fond memories; I felt cared for and nurtured having just moved to the country that was daunting for a 4 year old at the time!

I liked the co-operative nature of Montessori where we were all given classroom responsibilities to encourage independence and responsibility.

Since leaving school my accomplishments include:

  • Learned various instruments during high school including piano and flute. I also took part in several sports teams including badminton, rounders and football (soccer).

  • Top grades achievable at high school (three A grades)

  • Took a gap year before attending University and moved down to London to work full time as a model. I also moved to Milan for 2 months to work and did various jobs abroad in Paris and Dublin. I mainly did photo shoots for magazines but also a few catwalks. My biggest achievement was in high school when I did two photo shoots for Teen Vogue.

  • Completed my degree at the University of Leeds studying Environmental Science. I achieved a 1st class degree which is the highest achievable.

Current and future plans:

  • Get a job working in sustainability

  • Ideally move back to the USA!

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